farmer rex

8.27.03                                                                                                                                    sidling hill, pa

FROM: Rex in PA
DATE: 8.27.03

Hello B.O.B (Bmakela13), I’m the fellow who sold you a few peaches(?) or apples(?) today (August 27th) at the Sidling Hill rest stop on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Sounds like you’re on one fine adventure! Got a feeling you’ll make many acquaintances and friends along the way! I’ll tune in to your web site to see how you’re progressing.

Best of fortune to you!!!

take it slow,

your story of your previous 5 or 7 years lends credence to my belief that we should treat each other with kindness. One never knows the path of the stranger in front of us.

“Do the thing you believe in. Do the best you can in the place where you are and be kind.”

~Helen Nearing

may fortune be your frequent companion



Thanks for the wisdom and enthusiasm. Love the sentiment. We’ll be spreading the message. The quote is perfect, too.


P.S. It was plums, not peaches or apples. And they were gooooooooood!

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