day 3 — a month of memes

Another shot of crazy from the campaign trail. We’ve dropped the price on The Can’t-idates from $20.00 down to $13.00 until the California primary next month. Get your copy here and read all about this “crazy” man in Chapter 9. (The book got another 5-star review yesterday on Amazon.)


day 2 — a month of memes


I had the honor spending time with this crazy American hero back in February during a week we spent in New England. Vermin Supreme, a 7-time presidential hopeful, finished 4th in the Democratic primary that week in New Hampshire, beating the former governor of Virginia, among many others. We got to celebrate with Vermin on election night—at a Bernie Sanders victory celebration at Concord High School. Unforgettable. You can learn more about Vermin by reading chapter 9 in Craig Tomashoff’s book, The Can’t-idates: Running For President When Noboby Knows Your Name, the highly-praised new road memoir from Bobtimystic Books. Check it out.

let the memes begin

Back in February we spent a week in New England with Bobtimystic Books author, Craig Tomashoff, during the New Hampshire primary. Our goal was to sell some product and pump interest in Craig’s new book, The Can’t-idates: Running For President When Nobody Knows Your NameWe also spent some time with presidential hopeful Vermin Supreme, the subject of chapter nine in Craig’s book. It was a fascinating week with Craig and I took lots of pictures. Now it’s time to do something with all those photos. Maybe it’ll even help us sell a few more books. (It’s a damn fine read, in case you haven’t bought it yet.)