happy new year!


It’s been almost 13 years since I started The Greatest Year of My Life blog. Most of the content from the original incarnation no longer exists in cyberspace. But I’m making the vow to get back into it. Even if it’s just a photo and a caption or a link to something I find interesting. I intend to make the effort to get back to documenting my thoughts and actions on a regular basis during this upcoming year. Because it promises to be a doozy.

How do I know this? For one, we just moved into a new apartment yesterday. So we’re starting the new year fresh. More rooms, cheaper rent, in a new neighborhood. Molly and I got married on Oct. 3 of 2014 in Texas. A month-and-a-half later we moved from Austin to Brooklyn, where Molly found a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment in Cobble Hill. It was a great neighborhood, with lots of restaurants, shops and a Trader Joe’s within walking distance. The Brooklyn Bridge was less than a mile walk, through downtown Brooklyn, the Barclay Center was five blocks away and our subway options were close and plentiful. We even suspected Ethan Hawke might be our neighbor when we spotted him one morning on the stoop of a brownstone about three blocks from our place.

But we were looking for cheaper rent, as ours was due to go up to $4100 a month, and we were itching for more space—like a second bathroom and an office/guest room. Plus, no less than four of immediate neighbors had yapping dogs.

So we moved—13 months after moving in and signing a two-year lease. To an apartment less than two miles from our original Brooklyn landing spot. The landlord let us out of our lease because of the yapping dogs. Now we’re in a 2/2 about 10 blocks on the other side of the Barclay Center. We found the building last month as we were walking through Fort Greene and stumbled onto this new building at 333 Greene Avenue. The real estate guy says it’s Clinton Hill. One of our movers yesterday said, “Oh, yeah, this is definitely Bed Stuy.”

Either way, we’ve got a good feeling about this place and the neighborhood. I’m eager to have an office to hunker down in and get things rolling. I carved out a little time from unpacking to get cracking on some 2016 content creation. Our goal—though it may be unreasonable—is to post daily offerings on this site, Twitter and Instagram. With frequent postings on 2 Degrees of Bob. All in hopes of building an audience, selling some books and maybe even finding out a little something about myself along the way.

To a productive 2016!

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