Apple nirvana. Prince Street. Soho.

Apple nirvana. Prince Street. Soho. New York City, NY. December 2014

Back in early October I upgraded from my shattered iPhone 4 to a shiny new iPhone 6.

Exactly 3 days later, I pulled the phone out of my pocket to check on something for my friend GC after a tasty lunch at Torchy’s Tacos in Austin. Before I knew it, the new phone slipped out of my hand and shattered on impact upon hitting the street. On our wedding day, no less.

Over the last 2 months my spider-webbed screen grew worse by the week. Until a few days ago, I hadn’t bothered to get a protective case. And these new iPhones are sleek, slippery little shits. I’ve dropped mine more than once since our wedding day. So by the time I showed up at the Apple Store in Soho today, my screen had chunks of glass actually missing from the screen. For the first time in my life, I saw behind the smartphone glass curtain. (Not worth breaking glass over, trust me.)

When I showed up on Prince Street today, after a brisk walk from the 2nd Ave. subway stop, I was ready for an upgrade. Time to fix that damn shattered glass and get a fresh start with a clean view. Every time I looked at that thing I was reminded of the fact that I dropped the phone on my wedding day. That’s no way to start a marriage or a life reboot in NYC.

Maybe now you can understand why I walked out of that Temple of Steve today the happiest man in Soho, if not $118 poorer. And the repair job only took an hour—not a week, like the 3rd party repair guy in Austin told me it would.

So my phone and I are gonna try this one more time. We’ve got a real good feeling about this.

And this time around, we’re using protection. Beautiful blue rubber from a CVS in Brooklyn. And only $10 bucks. (The Temple of Steve wanted $40.)

The happy Brooklyn reboot rolls on.

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